#Netnarr Meme-and-GIF-a-Palooza

For week 6 of the Networked Narratives open course, Kean University students unleashed a storm of GIFs and memes on the theme of "Chaos, Order, Internet, and Us" http://netnarr.arganee.world/week-6/ featuring quite a bit of Howard Rheingold who joined us the day before for a Studio Visit.

  1. Break time from email. Time to “make at least one original GIF and one original meme” about “Chaos, Order, Internet, and Us” for #netnarr :)
  2. @netnarr this is what's really inside the alchemagickal lucid dreambox #NetNarr pic.twitter.com/kDbcrlYzXh
  3.  http://gph.is/2lx1kej?tc=1  via When someone tells you that you can't pull off a pink patterned blazer... @netnarr #netnarr